7 reasons Why you Should Switch to a Neem Comb Immediately

We also pick up cute combs or brushes that can find a place in our handbags. Will you be intrigued if we say that by changing the type of comb you use, you can eliminate many hair problems you face? Yes. This is that easy, by replacing your regular plastic or metal comb with a neem-infused wooden comb you are doing a great deal of good to your hair.


Neem is a plant which has numerous health benefits for our skin and hair. It has many medicinal properties that are of high value to us.  It has antiseptic and healing properties that help us to have great hair days. Neem is packed with many nutrients that help to

  1. Promote new blood cells
  2. Promote Hair Growth
  3. Reduces dandruff
  4. Gives you a frizzed-free hair
  5. Gets rid of lice
  6. Reduces hair fall
  7. Gives a natural freshness

Wooden combs are much different from plastic combs. Since it is a natural product it is much similar to ours. It is earthly and eco-friendly and Prevents us from developing any sort of allergies. It does not have the electrifying energy that a plastic comb has, and this is very much helpful for our hair. When the property of wood is enhanced with neem you get so many benefits. That is why we decided to let you know about this little change that you should make for gorgeous tresses.

Here are 7 amazing benefits that you get by simply changing your plastic or metal comb into a neem comb. Let us get started.

 1. Healthy Scalp

You can get a healthy scalp by using a neem comb, here is how. Unlike plastic combs, neem combs do not have hard or sharp ends. This prevents any damage to the scalp. The rounded and softer tips of the wooden combs massage your scalp every time you comb, and you might even start ditching hair spas anymore. This massaging action improves blood circulation. This improves the nourishment of the scalp. Also unlike plastic combs which are made of damaging chemicals that can harm the scalp, neem combs contain health Promoting goodness of neem. Thus, the relationship with a neem comb is your way to a naturally healthy scalp.

 2. Nourishment of the hair


By using a chemical-based plastic comb your hair can get damaged and this may lead to hair -breakage. But by using a neem-infused wooden comb you are nourishing your hair with vital nutrients every time you comb. Neem comb helps to nourish the root of the hair and also the tips of the hair. Neem comb evenly distributes the natural oils along the length of your hair. This will help you get soft, smooth and bouncy hair. Did you ever imagine that changing your comb can actually change the texture of hair and make it healthy? Now that you know, think of investing in one soon.

 3. Helps in hair growth

Oh, if you want long and thick hair and want to promote hair growth, look first at the neem comb. We already established that neem combs give you a healthy scalp by improving blood circulation. Another advantage of improving blood circulation is your hair follicles get stimulated and new hair begins to grow. The additional nourishment from the neem comb promotes hair growth. Also unlike plastic combs, neem combs do not attract dirt and pollutants and will remove every irritant from your hair and thus it gives an additional reason for improved hair growth.

 4. Prevents oiliness

The greasiness or oiliness in your scalp can be aggravated by environmental factors such as temperature. You may notice your scalp becoming oily in summer. But, if you use a neem comb the change of season does not affect the oiliness in your hair. The Neem comb helps to evenly distribute the natural oils along the length of the scalp and this helps You to get a scalp that is not too oily

 5. Prevents dandruff

Neem has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Thus using a neem comb regularly will help prevent the growth of any bacteria and fungi which are responsible for dandruff. Also, the softer bristles do not cause any damage to your scalp but only help you to remove all the toxic irritants and pollutants in the hair. All these combined will help you to reduce dandruff.  Did you ever think reducing dandruff will be this easy?

 6. Prevents breakage of hair

The plastic comb is harsh on your hair and scalp and this causes breakage of hair. But neem comb has wider bristles that reduce the friction on your hair. It gently removes all the tangles in your hair without causing it to break

 7. Gives a freshness to the hair

Imagine getting a boost of freshness every time you brush your hair. By redistributing the natural sebum production all through the hair, your neem comb gives your hair a boost of freshness every time you comb.

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