Dangers of Topical Steroid Cream That You Must Know

But unfortunately In India, many beauty products contain steroids and beauticians or pharmacists give steroid cream without minding the warning stated in the steroid cream.

This happens because of the obsession over fairer skin and highly competitive beauty standards. For quick and fast results these creams are given. And without knowing the side effects of these creams people tend to use these creams. Without knowing about the dangers it can cause, people think it is a boon.

There is an alarming rise in the use of topical steroid creams and this blog is all about why you should stay away from this trend and protect your skin from unnecessary damage and addiction to this topical steroid.


What is a topical steroid?

Topical cortical steroids are a type of steroid that can be directly applied to the skin to reduce inflammation.  It is available as gel creams, lotion, and more. It comes in various strengths such as mild, moderate, potent, and very potent. It is most commonly used in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

The problem

Since the invention of topical steroids, dermatologists are able to tackle Inflammatory skin diseases effectively. Though these drugs do not cure the condition, they help in the management of symptoms. But, the cosmetic industry, beauticians, and even people themself have started taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory and bleaching properties of topical steroids. It is commonly bought for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, rashes, and acne. This can lead to various side effects.

Side effects of topical steroid misuse

  1. Skin side effects

The common side effects on the skin are itching, aggravation of skin condition, redness, folliculitis, increased hair growth in the area, wrinkles, change in the texture of the skin, thinning of skin, bacterial or fungal infection redness change of skin color and worsening of acne.  Long-term use of this cream can give withdrawal side effects like peeling, oozing of skin, redness, and burning skin.

  1. Affects endocrine functions

The endocrine system gets affected if the concentration of the steroid cream is high or if it is used on a larger surface area. This affects their function and leads to various diseases including Cushing’s syndrome, Addison’s disease, or retardation of growth. It is also reported that it affects kidney function.

  1. Sugar levels

Long-term misuse of steroids can lead to spiking of sugar levels. Topical steroid cream has the potential to harm the harmony of insulin in the body and can thus lead to diabetes Mellitus. If you are already suffering from diabetes then you may notice a worsening of the condition too.

  1. Edema

Misuse of steroid creams can lead to the accumulation of fluids in the body cavities leading to the appearance of swollen hands, legs and face. If you notice abnormal swelling in your body while using steroid cream, it is important to talk to your doctor about it. Abrupt stopping of steroid cream can lead to further damage to your skin

  1. Calcium

Steroid cream can also affect the calcium in your body. It is known to reduce the levels of calcium leading to a condition called hypocalcemia. The various symptoms of hypocalcemia are depression, memory loss, muscle cramps, neurological problems

  1. Glaucoma

Caution has to be taken while using steroid cream around or close to the eyes. This is because the skin around the eyes is thin. This can lead to the absorption of the steroid cream. And this can lead to glaucoma and also systemic complications

  1. Wound healing

Steroid cream can cause a delay in wound healing. This is because it interferes with collagen and can cause epidermal atrophy. This can lead to delayed wound healing. And there is always a chance of infection when there is a delay in healing.

Topical steroids are beneficial in managing the symptoms of certain Inflammatory conditions and it has to be applied under the guidance of a dermatologist. The steroid cream should not be considered for cosmetic uses and also shouldn’t be used for a very long period.

For cosmetic solutions always look for natural products. Nowadays there are a lot of natural products in the market which give you long-lasting skin solutions. For every skin problem, there is a side effects-free solution in nature. Avoid looking for instant solutions through steroids or any other topical cream. Remember slow and sustained results will give you long-lasting beauty.

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