Company Overview

“We Speak Only In Oils!”

Yes! Our Signature Oils are a Promise in a Bottle to Transform your Skin & Hair. For Every Hair & Skin Concern We answer To You only in Oils.

Every Creation of Yeka is Unique ! 

Yeka Moringa Hair Oil

We take the pride to be the Pioneer in Hair Care Industry for having used Organic Farm Fresh Greens(Keerai) and especially MORINGA in Hair Oil

Yeka Golden Glow Skin Oil

A Golden Elixir For Your Body . 60000 Bulgarian Damascus Rose make an ounce of Our Oil which is a true bliss esp for the Busy Moms & their Babies.

Yeka Kumkumadi Night Serum

People With Oily Skin usually Miss the Boon of Great Oils & We Wanted to mark a Change. This Midnight Recovery Serum is a special Curation for Normal,Oily & Combination Skin.