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Best Hair Growth Oil

“Nature is our best healer!”

Amidst the haze of chemicals around you, it is now time to take a nature break. Yeka, a staunch believer in nature’s wealth, has set its path to explore earth to find the herbal magic that makes wonders for your hair and skin.With a promise to give you the Best Hair Growth Oil & Best Skin Oil YEKA has stepped forward.

Having fallen prey to the world of chemicals, lifestyle diseases are a clear threat to our human health. Yeka, on its quest for natural healings through Ayurvedic and Siddha scripts soon realized the incredible power of our ancient knowledge and the Indian herbs.

Our Priority

Go Natural

BEST HAIR GROWTH OIL – YEKA – Moringa & Green Magic 

The Herbal Hair Oil uses 6 Miraculous Organic Farm Fresh Greens along with 21 other Native Ingredients. The Cold Pressed Sesame Oil & Virgin Coconut Oil used as the carrier oil makes your hair follicles Strong, Dark & Healthy. Every Ingredient has been carefully handpicked just to give you the Best. YEKA stands as your one point solution to all your Hair related issues.


A Rich Exotic Blend of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & fresh Damascus Rose Petals makes your Skin Glow like never before. It blends seamlessly with your skin to give you the golden radiance. The oil from fresh coconut milk is an excellent moisturizer and the infused rose petals purifies your skin & is one of the Best Anti-Tan Treatment. It also greatly works on your blemishes, acne, scars & all skin related diseases. It deeply hydrates your skin & keeps it soft & moist.

Get Back to Tradition with YEKA !

Our Vision

To eradicate lifestyle diseases and march as a global leader in promoting natural, unadulterated, chemical free products.

Our Mission

To promote a touch of nature in everybody’s life and strive towards offering best natural alternatives for all beauty and health needs.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Diligence
  • Wisdom
  • Truthfulness
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Accountability