5 Absolutely Weird Facial Treatments

How far will you go to get perfect, glowing skin? How much are you willing to go through to get your youthful skin back? We have compiled 5 weird facial treatments from around the world in this article. We are going to take you through the most bizarre and weird facial treatments that people undergo to seal their beauty. These beauty treatments are claimed to be working, but there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Without further adieu here we present the 5 most weird facial treatments from around the world


Oh, yes it’s a slap. Now you can get your young skin back by getting slaps in a Thai Massage center. This method is said to remove all the wrinkles, give you a facelift, and enhance contours and blood circulation. First, you get a mild slap which then keeps progressively more challenging to provide a rejuvenating experience. We are not sure about wrinkles going away permanently, but probably you will get some swelling as a complement which may hide your wrinkles temporarily.  Whoever invented it must have had a very tactful way of presenting it as a treatment. Probably they slapped out of frustration and later claimed it to be the treatment. Whatever it is, will you go through the pain when there are numerous safer and painless natural methods that can give you long-lasting beauty? Because too many things can go wrong with this method, including loss of hearing if wrongly done, so why take the risk?


As if the pain from a slap is just not enough, someone from China created this fire facial. It is called Huo Liao. It is claimed to rejuvenate your cells and improve cellular turnover and regeneration. Curious to know how they will be lit your face on fire? Here it is, your face will be wrapped with a towel soaked with alcohol, and then it is lit. The flames will run until it becomes unbearable for you to take it anymore. It is said that the Chinese use magical alcohol and potion for this one. Well, it won’t be magical anymore, if your hair, dress, or anything else catches fire. It is always dangerous to play with fire, but will you put it on your face knowing that so many things can go wrong? We definitely say harmless and safe natural products that give sure and long-lasting results are much better than this. If you want to glow and have blemish-free skin, just try Yeka Golden Glow Oil. We don’t know about the fire but, virgin coconut oil and rose in this oil will hundred percent give you results.


Oh, yes the blood-sucking leech is used in beauty treatment. In this treatment, luckily your face is spared from leeches. Usually, the leech is allowed to suck your blood, and then the same blood is extracted from the leech. This blood is then used as a face mask on your face. This again claims to improve skin elasticity, thus can reverse aging and giving you glowing skin. In the era where people are stopping eating animals and trying to go vegan, why trouble the leech to get beautiful skin?  Nature has bestowed us with so many herbs that can be used to get long-lasting beauty and it is a much more simple, easy, and safe way to get beautiful skin. Don’t you think so?

Snake venom

As if, the creepy crawly leech wasn’t enough.  We also have a snake venom facial. Don’t worry you will not be bitten by a poisonous snake here. If venom enters your body it is poisonous. That is why in this method, the venom is collected and applied to your face. This method claims to give you a botox-like effect. From what we know venoms can paralyze muscle if it enters the bloodstream. Not sure how this can give you botox-like effects. It is safe to say that you should be far away from poisonous substances to get beautiful skin. We have already said it but will say it again, please try to find solutions for your skin problems in natural products that are safe and free. side effects. This is surely a dangerous way to get beautiful skin

Bee Sting Venom

This is said to be the organic botox. Seriously, organic now?  The claim is that with this method you will get a puffy face that is free from wrinkles and fine lines. But it is temporary.  The main ingredient is the bee sting venom. It is said that in this method skin reacts like it has been stung and this stimulates the collagen, blood flow, and elasticity which will give you younger-looking skin.  A bee sting can cause even a fatal reaction if you are allergic, we can only imagine what side effects this method might give.

We would like to leave you with this thought. ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ Just to please someone else don’t change the way you look. Embrace your real beauty and channel your inner energy. This will give you a radiance and beauty that you will love. Take care.

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