5 Best Homemade Facial Mist For Flawless Skin

A proper CTM routine is very important to have flawless and glowing skin. Though we follow cleansing and moisturizing regularly we normally miss the toning steps.

Toning your skin is much needed to maintain pH. It also nourishes your skin and prevents your skin from irritation as well. This is also one of the important steps to reduce pore size, tighten pores and skin. Follow this important step to achieve flawless skin.

Here is how you can make different face mists at home.

1. Apple cider vinegar face mist:
Distilled water or mineral water or RO water 50ml
Apple cider vinegar 2tsp

Apple cider vinegar (ACV), which contains astringent acids, may make an ideal natural toner. ACV also contains acetic acids with antimicrobial actions. This can reduce bacteria on the skin, including acne-causing bacteria.

Skin type: Suitable for oily skin. Sensitive skin do patch test.

Mix both ingredients and shake well. Use this as a toner in the morning and night.

2. Green tea and tea tree oil face mist:
green tea 1tsp
RO water or mineral water 50ml
Tea tree oil 10 drops

Anti-bacterial propert of green tea and tea tree oil prevents pimples and acne.

Suitable skin type: Acne prone skin. Sensitive skin can avoid tea tree oil.

Boil water and switch off the stove. Add green tea to it. After 10 minutes filter it and add tea tree oil. Shake well and use this as regular toner.

3. Vetiver face mist:
Vetiver strand few
RO water or Mineral water 50ml

One of the blessed skincare ingredients vettiver moisturizes and tightens skin. It also reduces pore size.

Suitable skin type: All skin types

Boil water and add vetiver to it. Leave it until it comes to room temperature. Use this as your regular face mist.

4. Hibiscus face mist:
Mineral water or RO Water 50ml
Hibiscus petals 10

This is one of the best anti-aging face Mist to keep your skin younger always. It clears all blemishes and gives glowing skin.

Suitable skin type: Mostly for dry and mature skin.

Add hibiscus petals to boiling water and allow it to sit until it cools down to room temperature. Use this regularly for better results.

5. Mint face mist:
Mint leaves handful
Distilled or RO water 50ml

Mint helps to soothe sensitive skin and keeps pimples at bay.

Suitable skin type: Sensitive skin

Boil water and add mint leaves. Leave it until it cools down and use this as a regular face mist.

So what is now waiting for? Do these facial mist at your home and use them regularly for better results. Click here