Beautiful tresses beauties our look! Maintaining your tresses is highly important to maintain your beauty and glory. Oiling hair frequently is much important to maintain the hair. Oiling your regularly makes your hair bouncy, glossy, silky. It keeps your hair fully hydrated. Oiling your hair nourishes your scalp promoting hair growth.

But there are some common mistakes we make while oiling our hair. Below are the few and be cautious from next time.

Choosing right hair oil

Choosing proper oils that could nourish your hair is very important. Use either herbal oils or any carrier oils mixed with essential oils for better results.

If you have greasy scalp, choose light oils. If your hair is too dry choose heavier thick oils.

Also, note if you are using any essential oils, be perfect to mix it with a carrier oil at the correct proportion and then apply it.

Avoid These Mistakes While Do Hair Oiling

1) Applying raw oil without warming it

Warming oil before applying aids easy penetration of oil into the scalp. It nourishes and enhances hair follicles. It also gives a soothing effect.

2) Applying hair oil to wet hairs

While wet your hair strands remain very soft and on combing or oiling, you may lose your precious hair. Oiling on wet hair makes your pores get clogged leading to dandruff, hair loss.

3) Not combing hair before applying oil

Comb your hair well before applying hair oil to make it free from tangles and knots. Oil massaging knotted or tangled hair is one of the worst hair oiling mistakes because it further tangles the hair which can damage the hair and its root. Also, it will cause hair to go weaker resulting in damage and breakage.

4) Tying hair too tightly after oiling:

After a head massage, the roots of our hair tend to get a little soft and loose. So, if you tie your hair in a tight bun or a braid after oiling, this can weaken the roots and cause a significant amount of damage including hair loss. Also tying your hair tightly makes more pressure on your hair which results in breakage. Tying your hair tightly after oiling also lead to split ends.

5) Oiling hair too often:

Frequent oil massage can actually clog the hair follicles and prevent hair growth. Also, this may lead to too much dandruff. Clogging of pores makes your hair weaker and brittle and prone to more breakage

6) Applying too much oil:

Even if you have dry hair and scalp, applying excessive oil isn’t going to help. Be generous but don’t apply more than your hair requires. Applying more oil needs more shampoo to be applied which will remove the natural moisture from your hair.

Try avoiding these mistakes while oiling your hair. To view our products click here.