Treat your Winter Cold with these Trusted Home Remedies

A stuffy nose , sore throat, runny nose, and watery eyes mean nothing but you have caught the seasonal common cold. Winter season brings in cold winds that create the symptoms of the common cold and many of us come down with a cold. To work through cold and complete daily tasks and chores is really frustrating. Apart from the congested face, we also develop aches and pains. Though it is said that nothing gets rid of the common cold, you can actually ease the symptoms and recover quickly with ingredients in your home. Here, we are sharing home remedies for the common cold that has worked through centuries. The interesting part is, some of it are scientifically studied and are also proven to work. To ease the winter common cold quickly, start these home remedies as soon as you feel the first symptom.

What is common cold ?

Common cold is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by virus. Since this is caused by virus ,antibiotic does not help in the cure of common cold. 200 +viruses  are known to cause common cold. It is a contagious disease which typically lasts about 2 weeks. The immune system eventually gets rid of the cold. Common cold can be managed at home with home remedies.

Symptoms of common cold

The following are the symptoms of common cold. The symptoms usually vary from person to person and can also differ in severity. If the symptoms doesn’t go away in 2 weeks it is best to visit a doctor as certain other conditions can also mimic common cold.

1.Running nose

2.Stuffy nose

3.Sore throat




How to prevent common cold



Having a healthy lifestyle will help prevent frequent attacks of cold. An avearage  human will get 2 to 3 attacks of cold in a year. Eating a balanced diet, having proper rest and sleep along with exercise will help building the immune system. Apart from this you should follow good hygiene practices such as

  1. Washing hands
  2. Drying hands properly
  3. Not touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. Having a clean surrounding.


8 trusted home remedies for Winter cold

Chicken Soup

Oh, yes. If you love chicken, here is a proven reason to have your favorite comfort food during the common cold. Chicken soup is now proven to alleviate the symptoms of cold by reducing the speed of neutrophils. This helps them to stay in a place longer and fight the disease causing germs. So, next time you have cold, treat yourself with a nice warm bowl of chicken soup.

Ginger tea

This age old remedy helps to dry the running nose. It helps to dry up phlegm and thus gives  you a relief from the constant dripping.It can also soothe the throat and give relief to nausea. Ginger has numerous other health benefits too. It helps to strengthen immunity , thus while recovering you also gain strength to fight future infection.


If you are suffering from cough, definitely try honey. You can have a spoon of honey mixed with pepper or mix it in warm water and lemon. This will give  you relief from cough. It also has anti-bactetial properties which will help you to fight the cold.


Garlic is recently being researched for its ant-bacterial properties. It is now  being said that it can prevent and protect you from  diseases. Warm the garlic in ghee and chew down few pieces while its warm. This will give you a good relief from cold

Turmeric Milk

This golden drink can alleviate the symptoms of cold. It can give relief from congestion and sore throat.Turmeric is loaded with medicinal properties but it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property will help you recover from cold. Have a warm glass of turmeric milk before you sleep , you will feel better in the morning.


Amla has numerous health benefits. Having  a amla everyday can not only help you recover from cold but also helps you to stay healthy.This is because amla is a known immunomodulator that helps the body to fight infection


Jaggery concoction

This sweet concoction in its warm form helps you to relieve the chest congestion. This is a must try soothing drink for your throat. Melt the jaggery in water and strain it. Add in ground ginger and pepper. Sip the soothing drink while it is warm


Warm bath and compress

A warm face compress will help you to get relief from the nasal congestion and a warm bath will be soothing to your aches and pains. This will freshen you up and give you the much needed energy.


These remedies will reduce the symptoms of the cold and make you feel better. Along with all of this take good rest and keep yourself hydrated . If you don’t feel fine within two weeks, then it is time to see a doctor.


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