This is what happens to your skin if you use makeup daily

Wearing makeup and leaving it for longer hours have adverse effect on your skin.

1) Make up products clogs your pores and cause acne, pimples and small bumps.

      scar acne skin care       

2) Chemicals in make up products may damage your skin and cause wrinkles.

   mackup winkles

3) Regular make up may cause skin irritation nd breakouts.

mackup irritation

4) Make up when combines with pollution has adverse effect on skin causing changes in skin color. Your skin may look darker than before.

mackup skin dark   

5) Lipsticks when worn for more than 8 hours cause lip pigmentation.         

  mackup lip pigmentation

6) Eye make up when worn for more than 8 hours can trigger dark circles, eye infection.

Being natural is always better than artificial make over products. Try to maintain your skin with natural products or natural routine and stay away from make up.

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