Get to know the shocking health hazards using chemical lipsticks!

1) phthalates – Affects endocrine gland
2) polyethylene glycol – Affects nervous system
3) Paraben – Causes depression
4) Lead – Causes slow poisoning
5) Cadmium – Renal failure

There are few hazardous chemicals present in the lipsticks that we use daily. They may cause many health hazards and sometimes may be life threatening too.


Get to know the facts now.

Affects endocrine gland:

Phthalates may disrupt endocrine system which may have imbalance in hormone secretion.

Affects nervous system:

Polyethylene glycols are petroleum-based that cause harm to nervous system.


Paraben that are preservatives penetrates deep inside skin and causes depression, diarrhoea and vomitting.

Slow poisoning effect and renal failure:

Chemical lipsticks are made of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals which on licking may go inside our body and cause slow poisoning and renal failure.

Switch to natural lipsticks and stay safe!

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