7 Natural Detox Methods & Benefits To Rejuvenate Your Body & Skin

A natural way of detoxing the body is becoming famous these days. Detoxing helps to maintain and regulate body metabolism, improves skin texture, and gives glowing skin. Though our body has natural ways of detoxification like sweating, urination, excretion, external detoxification has become important due to pollution, changes in food habits, and lifestyle.

Advantages of detoxification:

1) Helps in weight loss.
2) Improves digestion.
3) Improves the function of the liver, lungs, and kidney.
4) Promotes glowing, clear skin.
5) Boosts energy.

Here are a few easy detox methods that are great for our skin, health, and body metabolism.

1.Detox water for clear skin

8 glasses of water
3 slices lemon
2 mint leaves
3 slices cucumber

Water, lemon, mint and cucumber are very essential to throw out unwanted toxins from body which helps to prevent the from pimples and acne.

Put all these ingredients together in a jar and leave it overnight and refrigerate. Sip this water daily at regular intervals for 2 weeks to get desired results.

2.A must try healthy melon Detox

Orange 1
Watermelon 2 piece
Apple 1
Lemon 1

Water melon: It reduces blood pressure and heart disease.
Apples: They are great to regulate cardio vascular system
Oranges: They are excellent for immune system.
Lemon: It helps in digestion and detox body.

Blend all these together and squeeze one lemon. Chill it for 10 minutes and have this weekly once with breakfast.

3.Detox your body everyday with this perfect Detox drink

Water 8 cups
Cucumber 1 large
Ginger 1 inch pc
Lemon 1
Mints 10 to 15 leaves

Ginger, lemon and mint leaves helps dissolving excess and unwanted fat from body. Cucumber refreshes your body. Intake of water regularly also detox your body and keeps you hydrated.

Detoxing your body makes your skin clear, glowing and bright. It prevents you from having pimples and acne.

Slice cucumber, ginger and lemon. Add these slices to 8 cups of water. Refrigerate this water overnight. Drink everytime as said above.

4.Get your own scalp by Detox treatment

Baking soda 1tsp
Cinnamon powder 1/2tsp
Olive oil 2 tsp

Scalp detox treatment keeps your scalp healthy, enhancing hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Once a while use this effective method of scalp detox to have helathy hair.

Baking soda cleanses your hair effectively removing impurities and dirt. Cinnamon is rich in anti-bacterial formula which can detox your scalp from infections, dandruff and lice. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E which nourishes hair and promotes hair growth.

Mix all ingredients together and apply it on scalp. Massage it well on scalp and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off.

5.Make your own Detox for clear glowing skin

Strawberry 4 to 5
Water melon 1/2 pc
Mint leaves 10 to 15
Lemon 1

Strawberry and water melon are rich in anti-oxidant which helps to flush out toxin from our body. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which can also help to clear the unwanted fat accumulation. Mint helps in digestion.

Blend strawberry, watermelon, mint together. Squeez a lemon and enjoy the drink in the morning.

6.How to make watermelon Detox water for clear skin

Water melon
Lemon slices
Mint leaves

Watermelon is mostly water, that is it consists of 92 % Water + 8% Nutrients.It has a high amount of Citrulline, which creates a diuretic effect in the body (makes us pee a lot) hence helps in removing toxins from the body.

It’s High in dietary fiber, which means more roughage goes in the body, hence keeps your colon clean – so perfect for Colon Diet.

It’s Low in Sodium and High in Potassium, so great for kidney cleanse. Contains Glutathione which is good for liver cleansing.
Mint: Mint helps to further reduce inflammation and works as a natural diuretic. Lemon:Rich in vitamin C flushes out toxin from body.

Blend water melon to juice adding water. Add some lemon slices and mint leaves and refrigerate it overnight. Drink this juice before breakfast. If your body tends to catch cold, you can prepare it 2-3 hrs before your breakfast.

7.Try this bedtime drink to detox your body completely

Water 1cup
Mint leaves 10
Lemon half

Rich in antioxidants lemon and mint leaves help in detoxing. It flushes out toxins from our body leaving us feeling light.

Lemons are a natural detoxifier. They help to cleanse the body by flushing out toxins, whilst also boosting your immune system and aiding better digestion.

Mint is also good for digestion and provides a touch of sweetness without the sugar.

Boil water and put mint leaves into it. Separate the leaves and water. Squeeze some lemon once the drink gets ready.
Drink this 30 minutes before going to bed.

Try these detox methods to have clear skin, clear scalp and regular body metabolism. Eat healthy! Practice healthy lifestyle! Stay health.