Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (100ml)

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Yeka adds Yet Another Magical Find To Its Treasure Trove. Yes ! Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is our New Add To Our World of Oils !
To add More Goodness & Health To Your Everyday Life !

The Divine Oil is extracted From The Fresh Kernels of High Quality, Handpicked Coconuts From The Organic Farms of Pollachi !

The Multipurpose Oil is Loaded with Nutrients & Benefits beyond your imagination. Check Our Benefits To Know More !



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from “YEKA “…What Makes It So Special when it’s just a Coconut Oil..? If this is Your Question, then Keep Reading To Get Surprised & Over Joyed to Know this Treasure..

Our Oil is sooo Pure, Organic & Authentic That You Can Drench in it , Rinse with It & Drink It !!
Is it just a Coconut Oil ??? NO

Unlike The Regular Coconut Oil which is extracted from the Dried Copra,
Yeka’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is Extracted From The FRESH COCONUT MILK !!
It is then Fermented To Get The Pure Oil !

Check Benefits To Know Why we Call it as

“The Goddess Of All Oils “!!

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Weight 120 g


For Your Thick Hair!

The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Loaded With Vitamin E, K along With Fatty Acids is Your Greatest Scalp Nourisher! Kicks Off Even The Tough Dandruff! And Increases Your Hair Shine!

For Your Silky Skin!

If You Have Extreme Dry Sensitive Skin / Eczema, then this is Your Must-Go !!
It treats the hardest Fungal, Bacterial Skin Conditions.

If You have Non-sensitive Dry Skin, then You can use Our YEKA GOLDEN GLOW OIL which is a blend of the Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Fresh Roses.

The Only Oil For Eczema !

The Safe & Best Natural Alternative for Your Red, Irritated Skin. Soothes Your Skin.

Start Your Day With Oil Pulling !

Swish Your mouth with Yeka’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil everyday For 10-15min. It prevents Tooth Decay, Bad Breath and Is Good For Your Heart’s Health Too !

No more worries of Baby rashes !

Skin-friendly For Your Newborn’s delicate Skin !!

Other Benefits :

Postpartum Care for New Moms ! It is completely safe to apply on Cracked Nipples during BreastFeed as it is safe to be ingested by babies as well.

Loaded With Health Benefits


  1. Who Can Use It ?

From Newborn Babies To anyone across any Age.

      2. Is It Edible?

Yes it is edible.

     3. Is It Organic ?

Yes it is 100% Natural & Organic

    4. Can it be used for Makeup Removal ?

Yes ,absolutely.

5. Can it be used for Cooking ?

Yes, absolutely. It is a perfect fit for Keto Diet!


3 reviews for Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (100ml)

  1. Thilaka

    The oil is really good , not so sticky and fragrant unlike the commercial coconut oil.

  2. prema

    Looking forward to buy it again ..their products are mind blowing.. anyone can buy closing their eyes

  3. maaya

    It has really fresh and pure smell of coconut and it is so relaxing for baby. mostly i use this for my baby’s knees because he crawl on floor. this fresh oils keeps her skin skin healthy and soft. loved the quality of this oil.

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Yeka Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is our New Add To Our World of Oils ! To add More Goodness & Health To Your Everyday Life !

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (100ml)

Purchase this product now and earn 8 points! 320.00