Yeka Kumkumadi Bridal Serum – Sensitive Skin (25ml)

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Yeka Kumkumadi Bridal Serum (25ml)- Normal/Oily/Combination Sensitive Skin

Kumkumadi serum has been used and praised for centuries by Ayurvedic scholars. This serum has recently made a stand in the market as one of the most sought after natural oils due to its effects on skin health. It is made from saffron extract and the herb Crocus sativus (commonly known as khus or kesar). People commonly use this extract on their skin to nourish it and become more radiant. Coined as a “miraculous elixir”, this oil when applied regularly is said to make your skin glow like gold.

Suitable Skin Type: Normal / Oily / Combination
For Dry skin mixed with Yeka golden glow skin oil/ coconut oil /Almond oil /Olive Oil


  • Apply few drops on face and neck for 30 minutes & wash off. Slowly increase the duration to overnight.

Not suitable for Pimple / Acne prone skin 




This serum improves the general health of your skin. It’ll make it feel softer, smoother, and more supple in less than a week! It treats hyperpigmentation, decreases spots and blemishes within days, heals the scars (and other injuries).




As suggested by its name, this oil is purely sourced from the naturally aromatic red thread-like pollen which comes from the vibrant purple coloured saffron flower. It goes by the scientific name Crocus sativus , and has potent antioxidant properties which help lighten skin discolouration. Saffron threads are known for their high kantivardhaka (warming) and pungent qualities, balancing Pitta and Vata.


A potent blood purifier, it also helps with blood circulation. It is mostly known for its uses as a natural way to reduce pigmentation, improve complexion and reduces inflammation.


Sandalwood is great at removing pimples, acne marks, blemishes, suntan, older scars from the skin by nourishing it. This potent herb also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which helps cool down flare ups or redness on the skin surface.



This serum is beneficial for OILY, COMBINATION AND SENSITIVE Skin types.

For Dry skin mixed with Yeka golden glow skin oil/ coconut oil /Almond oil /Olive Oil

There are 2 Variants

1. White label [For Sensitive Skin] 2.Orange Label [ For Non-Sensitive Skin]

If your skin is extremely sensitive to any products or has any pimples/acne or
tiny bumps then we would suggest you not use any oils for your face.

OUR YEKA KUMKUMADI SERUM is enriched with 16 Rich Powerful Herbs for effective results. It’s 100% Natural but as it has got Strong Herbs in it, it takes time to get along with the skin types as mentioned above.

So for optimal results, we recommend applying the serum to your face, letting it marinate there for five minutes, and then increasing that time gradually as your skin acclimates to the product. Leave the serum on overnight to achieve best results with glowing skin in the morning!

1. On your first use, please apply Yeka Kumkumadi serum at night on cleansed face just for 5 min & wash off.

2. Repeat the same for the next 2 days.

3. On 3rd day, slowly increase the duration to 10-15 mins.

4. For the next 2 days continue the same.

5. Now slowly increase the duration to 25-30mins.

6. Then gradually leave it for an hour , if you don’t notice any redness or skin irritation.After 3 to 4 days start leaving the serum overnight.



This herbal concoction grows organically and has not been found to have any side effects. It is even safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Additional information

Weight 85 g


When can I use kumkumadhi serum?

Best when used as a night serum.

What are the benefits of Kumkumadi serum?

Helps in vanishing pigmentation, blemishes, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Does it make my skin dark?

Due to red Sandalwood powder and saffron, a few customers might experience a slight darkening ..but that is totally normal! On continuous usage that will be rectified!

Will the results get reversed if I stop using it ?

No, the results are permanent.

What does the orange and white label on the serum denote?

Orange label- for Normal, oily, and combination skin types.
White label- for sensitive skin.

What are the ingredients used in this serum?

Belleric, Jatamanasi, Haritaki, vetiver, Manjistha, galangal, Reed tuber, wild turmeric, saffron, and rose petals.

How long should we leave it after application?

At night on the cleansed face just for 5 min & wash
your face. Now slowly increase the duration to 25-30mins. After 3-4 days leave it overnight.

Can we use it when we go out?

Not a good idea.

Can we use it over pimples?

Avoid using over your pimples.

Does it contain turmeric?

Yes, it does.

Is it non comedogenic?

Yes,it is

Can this be used by children?


For which skin type is it suitable?

sensitive, oily, combination, and normal skin types.

Can this be used before using moisturiser?

Not needed.

Will I get fair after using this serum?

It helps with skin lightening

In how many days will I get the results?

Use it consistently for 3 to 8 months for best results

For how many days 25ml bottle will last if I use it regularly?

It will last you probably for 2 months

How to use


YEKA Kumkumadi Bridal Serum is the perfect revival of the Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Thail. Coined as a “Miraculous Elixir”, this serum when applied regularly makes your Skin Glow Like Gold.  A Special Curation of 16 Potent Herbs for the Brides to have a Flawless, Glowing Look.

  • Gives you a Glass Like Glowing Skin.
  • Fades off Blemishes , Dark spots & Dark circles
    Cures wrinkles, Crows Feet.

A Special Note : Many Women have gone crazy with its miraculous results after taking up the 15 Days Glass Skin Challenge.

21 reviews for Yeka Kumkumadi Bridal Serum – Sensitive Skin (25ml)

  1. froleprotrem

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  2. Nishu Gunjan

    This is nice. I use this serum on my body too. It gives a smooth effect . Love it

  3. Nishu Gunjan

    Nice product. I use this on my whole body . A little amout is enough . This gives a good results. Love it

  4. Nishu Gunjan

    Nice product. I use it my body too Small amount is enough. Result is good. Love it

  5. nishu.guna

    Nice product. I use it on my body too. Gives a smoother skin . Small amount is enough . Love it

  6. Ravi Prakash. M

    This is my genuine review seriously awesome products of ur hair oil and kumkumathi glowing oil I bought till 7 to 8 mini bottles now remaining one bottle leftt, am so much of happy to use this oil it gives glowing effect within 2 or 3days and shinny skin 🤩wow I really loved it 🤝tq so much yeka finaly I found ur page 🤝and hair oil are also too too good I use just 2 times really just see the baby hairs on my forehead tqtqtq so much🙏

  7. tharani

    I use Kumkumadhi serum at one week amazing result…Really impressed…Thank you so much…

  8. sofrebecca

    Kumkumadhi serum effect really amazing…Thank you so much, mam…Keep rocking…Really wonderful product mam…Am fully satisfied…

  9. pakyasri

    I use your Kumkumadhi serum…Even though I have a oily skin, I will use few drops of the oil and leave it for 2-3 hours…This serum helped in removing tan in my face and also to even my skintone…I also used the oil in my hands and legs to remove the tan…I am greatly impressed with the results I obtained from the oil…Thank you so much for your wonderful products…

  10. pakyasri

    I use your Kumkumadhi serum…Even though I have oily skin, I will use few drops of the oil and leave it for 2-3 hours…This serum helped in removing tan in my face and also to even my skin tone…I also used the oil in my hands and legs to remove the tan…I am greatly impressed with the results I obtained from the oil…Thank you so much for your wonderful products…

  11. jskiwi

    The Kumkumadhi serum smell is good…serum has added a wonderful glow to my face…My husband and maid have vouched for this…Thank you so much…

  12. dhilu

    Your Yeka Kumkumadhi serum is the best…I have used a more costly Kumkumadhi serum before and it did not do any change but your serum works wonders on my skin…I’m forever grateful for getting to know your brand…I will order again soon mam…Thank you so much…

  13. thamizh

    Dear Yeka,
    Past six months using your products…All products are doing wonder…My sis using Kumkumadhi serum pigmentation marks got lighter…Her skin smooth and glowing now…Thank you so much Yeka…

  14. kajal

    Your Kumkumadhi oil is amazing…Keep up the good work…There are very few genuine brands today…Thanks a lot…

  15. soni

    I am using your Kumkumadhi glow serum for the last 15 days…And it just did magic on my skin…My skin started glowing and blemishes are getting lighter…Thank you so much for such magical and natural products…Lotssss of luvvvv Yeka….

  16. deepak

    Hi mam…I purchased Kumkumadhi serum…Before using that…Wow, the fragrance of serum pulling to me to use…I’m not using it regularly even observed many changes…face looks bright and even skin tone…Thanks to Yeka…

  17. vasanthi

    Hii, I am using Kumkumadhi serum right now my dark spots are lightly fade out…Thank you so much…

  18. san

    Hello, Am using your Kumkumadhi serum for the past 15 days…I had tan on my forehead and on my neck…But fortunately, it is going I can see major changes on my forehead and on my neck…I really loved it…Such amazing products…Thank you so much…

  19. ankita

    Hii, After using your Kumkumadhi serum I can confidently say that you are doing your best to cure skin problems without any chemicals…Thank you for making me trust your company and giving a healthy skin…

  20. anyaa

    It’s been 20 days while I’m using your product i must say u guys are doing really helpful thing…that your kumkumathi serum made my skin glowing….

  21. preethi

    I have been using kumkumadi serum for the past 10 days.. It creates wonder in my face. Usually my face is too oily and looks very dull after my post partum.. After using 10 days of kumkumadi serum, the oiliness in the face has completely reduced and my face becomes bright too… Thank you araah for such lovely

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Yeka Kumkumadi Bridal Serum - Sensitive Skin (25ml)

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