Why Should We Choose Herbal Cosmetics?

Why should we choose Herbal Cosmetics? Why YEKA?


“BEAUTY “ ,the magical word which makes every soul spellbound. This desire for beauty is inherent in mankind and dates back to our age old civilisation. But the fashion and beauty consciousness has been however fuelled by the thriving film industry. It has now become so well intertwined with our daily routine that Cosmetics has become a Necessity rather than a factor of Luxury.


In today’s world, we people are racing for instant cures and remedies. It is this reason why we are surrounded by haze of chemicals. Thanks to the TV commercials and Advertising agencies! They clearly know what captures the mind of people. They have gone deep into the belief system of people.


Let us just ponder over our buying behaviour. What runs into our mind when we buy a product? What things do we look for in the product? The Catchy words, appealing package, enchanting fragrance,attractive pricing.. But how many of us look into the ingredients involved in Cosmetics. How many of us really take time to know the effects of these ingredients. Most of the Luxury Cosmetics are loaded with harsh chemicals which can be toxic to your skin & Hair.


Fortunately ,the increasing awareness on Herbal Cosmetics and people’s search for natural products are slowly putting an end to this ignorance. Herbal Cosmetics are the best natural beauty alternatives. Our own Native Indian Herbs have got a plethora of benefits. These Herbal products may not give you instant cure but gives you a permanent cure! It makes your body get in tune with nature and heals it completely.


Grooming does help in building up our confidence but choose it wisely!


Envisioning to put an end to the haze of Chemicals, we at YEKA started exploring. Research brought us astonishing Findings…”Our Own Native Indian Herbs procured from our neighbouring farms have Miraculous benefits to Your Hair & Skin!” And yes our YEKA MORINGA & GREEN MAGIC HERBAL HAIR OIL is one of its kind. Made of 6 Types of Organic Farm Fresh Greens (Moringa, Mullai Keerai, Vallarai Keerai, Mudakathaan Keerai , Ponaganni Keerai, Arai Keerai) & 20 other Natural Herbs blended in Wood Pressed Sesame Oil & Virgin Coconut Oil , it is the right Therapeutic Oil for your all Hair related Woes & Worries. These rich Magical Ingredients makes it the Best Hair Growth Oil

YEKA Golden Glow Skin Oil – A Magical Blend of Damascus Rose Petals with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is the best choice for a Luxurious, Silky & Glowing Skin. Did You Know, Virgin Coconut Oil is the only food as good as your Mother’s Milk? Yes, Loaded with Lauric Acid, It deeply moisturises your Skin and has a great healing power for all your Skin related Ailments. What else will you need to make it your Best Skin Care Product.

Your Hair & Skin are Your Best Representatives! Invest in them ! Take Care of them & they will take care of Your Pride..