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5-in-1 Hair Oil For Men!



If These are The Questions Topping Your Browsing History in Recent Days..
Maybe you’re feeling lost, confused, time-poor, or just stressed about the whole heckin’ thing.

If you’re nodding your head and feeling this way, I want to let you know there is a simple answer and solution to your needs.

A way to get from Scanty, Frizzy, Unhealthy Hair To Long, Strong & Healthy Hair.

And that solution? Is our YEKA MORINGA HAIR OIL .

 Did You Know Zinc & Vitamin A in Moringa Stimulates HAIR REGROWTH even in BaldSpots?

That’s why YEKA is proud to be the First Indian Brand To Use MORINGA in Hair Oil

  • If You Are The One Who has become Tired of Trying Different Solutions For Hairfall
  • Looking For Hair Regrowth in BALD SPOTS
  • If You’re Having Recurring DANDRUFF ISSUE
  • Looking For BEARD/MOUSTACHE Growth
  • Frequent Helmet Usage Has Caused Severe Hairfall
  • For Premature Greying
  • Strong Healthy Black Hair
  • Dandruff Free, Healthy Scalp
  • The Man’s Strong Beard !!

Usage Instructions:

1. Moderate Hair fall:
Use weekly thrice before hair wash. Apply on
scalp and leave for a minimum of 1 hour and wash off. Slowly increase the duration to overnight for better results.

2. Heavy Hair fall: Apply a few drops of the oil every day on your scalp. Weekly thrice use it is massage oil and give a gentle massage from scalp to ends and wash the Hair.

General Instructions:

Caution: If the customer has a cold body, they can start using the hair oil just for 10 minutes before hair wash and slowly increase the duration.

The causes of hair fall may be Hormonal Changes/Change of Place / Change of Water
Stress Kindly control the stress level and stay relaxed

Eat lots of veggies and fruits Take Amla or Amla powder daily. Take fresh curry leaves daily

How Can I Trust You?

It is the fear of every new customer. 🙂 But will you say No to a product that has transformed 15000 + customer’s hair magically. Here’s customer testimonials

3 Quick Steps and you are just going to kick out dandruff off Your Scalp


  1. Oil Your Scalp with Yeka Moringa Hair Oil and wash your hair thrice a Week
  2. Wash your Pillow Cover after every hair wash
  3. Wash your Towel & Comb Daily
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5-in-1 Hair Oil That a Man Needs !!

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We are UPSC Aspirants who lost our dream
of IAS by Few Marks! We then started our Entrepreneurship Journey together in SkinCare as we both always had a great inclination towards Skin care and Natural Herbs.
We started YEKA with a vision to use unexplored Rich Indian Herbs & Oils , mentioned in our Ancient Scripts to cure our Hair & Skin Concern.
Typically Yeka Believes in Minimalism !
“Being a New Mom, I literally don’t have time for a dedicated MultiStep Beauty Routine. My little one doesn’t allow me. 😀 But YEKA Golden Glow Oil has always been my Saviour. I need just this one Oil ! Right from makeup remover to lipbalm to moisturizer to eye cream. Almost Everything “, says our CoFounder Ms.Poorani Rajendiran.