Lip balm (chocolate or vanilla or strawberry )

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Lip care just got a rosy punch

Dark, cracked, and the chapped lip isn’t gonna be a problem anymore as the rosy, smooth, and soft lips are easy to achieve with Araah Skin Miracle’s Rose Lip Balm!  Give your lips the essence of rose and see it magically transform into naturally pink lips. The beeswax and shea butter in the lip balm ensures that your lip is well moisture for a long time and the rose oil gives a rosy twist to your lips. And of course, the irresistible scent of rose is the added bonus.


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What & Why Of The Ingredients?

Beeswax and shea butter:bee wax

instantly moisturize your lips making them soft and supple.

rose oil

Rose Oil

Enhances natural lip texture, softens pores, and polishes the lip

rose petals    Rose Petals

Combat dryness, boost natural pink color


How To Use?

Step 1: Take a small amount of lip balm on a clean fingertip.

Step 2: Apply on the lips evenly and gently massage for moisturized lips. 

Step 3: Reapply within 3-4 hours for constant moisturization


  1. Makes your lips soft and smooth
  2. Prevent lip dryness and keep it moisturized 
  3. No more chapped and peeling lips skin
  4. keeps your lips cells protected 

When To Use?

  • When lips get dried due to dehydration
  • At night, before going to sleep
  • Immediately after scrubbing lips (Rose lip scrub)

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin type
Usage Frequency Daily day & night
Gender    Unisex
Expiry 6 months


Does it have tint?

No. It does not have any added or artificial colors.

Is it safe to use on sensitive skin?

Yes very safe as it’s made out of 100% natural ingredients. It is paraben, preservatives, and toxin-free

Why to use lip balm regularly?

Lip balm helps to keep your lips hydrated and prevents it from drying and chapping. . Our lip balm is made with natural butters and bee wax which keeps your lips hydrated and makes it soft.

Does this work on reducing lip pigmentation?

Yes.  Anti-oxidant-rich rose oil prevents and fades off lips darkness.

Can men use this?

Yes. Our lip balms are unisex

Can it work on dry and chapped lips?

Yes. Natural butters and oils make your lips soft and supple on regular usage.

Additional information

Weight 85 g


Does it aid in tan removal ?

Yes, it is great for tan removal.

How many times per week should it be used ?

You can use it regularly.

Can it be used by men and women ?

Yes, suitable for all age groups

Does it work on postpartum skincare?

Yes, it works wonders.

Are the results permanent ?

Yes, it is

How long should we leave it after application?

Initially, use it for 5 to 10 mins and wash it off. Then, gradually increase the duration. Leave it overnight for the best results.

Is it suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Avoid using it on your face. You can use it for your body. Make sure you start with a patch test.

What is the expiry date for this product?

3 years from the date of manufacture.

Is it suitable for all skin types ?

FACE: It works wonders for dry skin. It is not suitable for oily skin, make sure you don’t have pimples.

BODY: Suitable for all skin types

Will this oil help in lightening private parts ?

Yes. It works the best for, under arm, inner thigh, elbow, and knuckles lightening.

In how many days will I get the results?

Use it consistently for 3 to 8 months for best results.

Can I use this for babies? Does it help in lightening their skin tone ?

Yes, it can be used as a massage oil. Yes, it helps to lighten.

What are the ingredients ?

Damascus Rose petals and virgin coconut oil.

Can I use it daily ?

Yes, of course, you can, Use it regularly to get desired results.

Will it make the skin darker ?

No, it doesn’t.





Apply a few drops of oil on your hands, legs, and entire body before bath. Give a gentle massage. Leave it at least for 20-30min. Leave it overnight for best results You
can also use it after bath oil to prevent skin dryness

BODY SCRUB: Weekly twice mix the Oil with brown sugar and scrub the surface gently.

LIP SERUM: Clean your lips with a mild cleanser. Apply a few drops of oil on your lips and leave it overnight. Repeat it whenever your lips feel dry.

Apply a few drops of the oil on your face. Give a gentle massage. Take a cotton cloth or wipe dip it in hot water and wipe off your face. It removes even stubborn waterproof makeup

This is 100% Natural with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Damascus Rose. So it is completely safe and pure. Apply oil to your baby 20min-1 hour before bath. You can also use it as after bath Oil.

FIRST USE: PATCH TEST- Apply 2-3 drops of oil on the baby’s fist. Wash off after 10-15min. Few baby Skin may be very sensitive to roses as well. If there is no such skin redness irritation, you may continue with the usage.

Take a few drops of oil. Apply it on your cracked feet after cleansing your feet thoroughly. Wear socks to keep them intact. Leave it overnight Again apply in the morning before bath For best results, scrub your feet
with a pumice stone.




FOR INTIMATE CARE Inner Thigh Darkness/Underarm Darkness

We understand how pigmentation and tan on your underarms, inner thighs, intimate areas can make you self-conscious. But firstly, let’s clear it out. The tan or pigmentation on the inner thighs or armpit doesn’t relate to an unhygienic routine! It just needs some extra care and self-love!
Apply a few drops of our Yeka Golden Glow Oil everyday pre-shower on your thighs. Wipe off with wet cotton. This helps in cleansing your skin.
After washing the surface with a mild soap, apply the Oil again and a loving, gentle massage.
😍Tadda!! You shall see the magical transformation in your skin texture. This Organic Oil loaded with tons of roses is superlight, non-sticky, and deeply hydrates your Skin!


To have healthy skin, we have heard Cleansing is one important skin ritual that one can never skip. But most of us grab the Micellar Water for this purpose.
The fancy term has caught a trend in the beauty industry!
But did you know the shocking truth behind this chemical cosmetic..!!
It can contain harsh chemicals that strip off your skin’s moisture and  sometimes carcinogenic too! Yes, cancer-causing…
What You Put To Your Skin is as important as what You Eat! Choose Wise! Choose Natural Skin Care
#yekagoldenglowoil Organic Multipurpose Beauty Oil. Best to cleanse your skin as well.
Apply a few drops of the Oil. Give a gentle massage.
Wipe off with wet cotton or towel dipped in warm water.
It cleanses the makeup, dirt and leaves your skin completely fresh, clean & glowing.


Bid bye to Dry, chapped & pigmented Lips!
Yes, our Yeka Golden Glow Oil can also be used as an excellent lip care oil. It is so handy that you can just carry them wherever you go and dab a few drops of it on your lips.

Apply it every day on Your Lips during bedtime.

Bid Bye To Cracked Heels with #yekagoldenglowskinoil !! Apply on your feet every night on cleansed feet before sleep !! Before and after shower !!

For effective results, use a pumice stone to rub off the dead cells every day during the shower. Don’t miss to give a loving gentle massage with Yeka Golden Glow Oil to keep it hydrated.

Weekly Twice, Soak Your Feet for 15min in Lukewarm Water with a Slice of Lime Squeezed. Rub it off With Pumice Stone.
Follow it with a Foot Scrub – Yes Yeka Golden Glow Oil can be used for this as well 😍 Mix Brown Sugar crystals with a few drops of Yeka Golden Glow Oil. Use it as a Foot Scrub.

See the Magical Transformation
Of Your Feet!

60000 Real, Fresh Damascus Roses Just For You !! Yes, Yeka Is Loaded with Tons of Roses & Organic Virgin Coconut Oil To Make your Skin Super Soft, Supple, Glowing & Hydrated.

Apply The Oil on Your Body Every night. For face (if your face is dry). Again give a loving massage before bath!

#Yeka_Golden_Glow_Oil An Oil that’s ideal for both Baby & Mama❤️❤️ Yes The Tender Skin of both deserves the Best & Equal Care. And the Oil is 100% Natural, Organic. So it is ideal for babies’ massage as well.
P.S Always Do a Patch Test on first use. Apply the Oil on your Baby’s Fist. if it causes no redness or rashes you can use it for the Babies’ Skin.


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Lip balm (chocolate or vanilla or strawberry )

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